Our goal is simple...

Sprout provides the best food for your priceless body temple.

We go the extra mile in our food preparation to bring succulent

entrees, luscious salads, sandwich dishes, satisfying desserts,

and of course, 100% natural juices & smoothies.

All of our food is fresh and full of flavor.

Treat yourself to

Sprout Natural Choice

and your body will feel healthier!

Fresh Baked Breads

We offer several varieties of freshly baked breads, rolls, baguettes, and croissants. Enjoy them on their own or make it into a delicious, healthy sandwich.

Vegan Friendly 

All of our menu items are 100% vegan.  Our vegan friendly dishes can be customized to suit your taste.  If it is not already on our menu, just ask for it and we will make it.  

Lighter Side and Appetizers

Our Starters can serve as an appetizer for the table or a light lunch for one or two to share. Gourmet cheeses, fruits, and veggies are combined to tease the taste buds and tantalize the tongue.

Farm Fresh Produce

Keep it simple.  Choose from our simple, healthy, fresh, and less calorie salads and enjoy it with one of our gourmet dressings.

Deli and Wraps

 Enjoy freshly wrapped sandwiches from a selection of wheat flour tortillas or pitas--which can be made right in front of you.